Epoxy Mortar Concrete Repair Kit



Concrete Floor Repair Mortar

Epoxy Repair Mortar is extremely strong and durable, 2.5x stronger than concrete. Perfect for repairing damaged floors.

  • Ultra hard for permanent repairs
  • Withstands heavy traffic and temperature
  • Resistant to most chemicals and solvents
  • No shrinking or cracking like other mortars
  • For both outdoor and indoor use
  • All in one packaging for easy

Use 5180 Epoxy Repair Mortar for damaged or eroded concrete, bay edges and broken steps. Wether it be on the factory or garage floor, driveway or indoor and outdoor steps Epoxy Repair Mortar is the mortar for the job.

For smaller repairs such as shallow holes please use Janerol Epoxy Floor Resin for a more effective alternative.

SKU: Rust-ep-mortar

Technical Information

Use on: Concrete, Stone
Colour: Dark Grey
Binder: Epoxy
Coverage: 0.6m2 per 5kg at 5 mm depth
Recoatable: 6 hours (at 20°C)
Curing time: 6 hours for light traffic 12 hours for heavy traffic
Application: Trowel
Pack Size Options: 25kg, 5kg

Product Options

Rust-oleum Epoxy Mortar

Unit Cost: £34.95 Quantity:

5Kg Bucket

Rust-oleum Epoxy Mortar

Unit Cost: £124.95 Quantity:

25kg Bucket

Rustoleum 5150 Speed Patch for floors is a fast setting, durable repair mortar. It's best used for deep cracks in heavily trafficked areas.

  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Ready for over coating in no time
  • Can be drilled after curing
  • All-in-one pack for easy use

Just mix the liquid with the dry filler and press the stiff trowelable mixture into the repair.

SKU: Rustspeedpatch

Technical Information

Use on: Concrete, Stone
Colour: Light Grey
Binder: Cement/Acrylic
Coverage: 0.5m² per 10kg at 1cm depth
Recoatable: 1 hour (at 20°s;C)
Curing time: 2 hours
Application: Trowel
Pack Size Options: 20kg, 10kg

Product Options

rsp 20 patch

Unit Cost: £69.95 Quantity:

1 x 20kg speed patch

A quick and easy way to fill holes in heavily used concrete floors inside or outside. No primer is required - just mix the powder with water and pour into the hole.

  • Rapid setting
  • Bonds to damp or dry surfaces
  • Depth ranges from feathered edge to 100mm
  • Easy preparation
  • Suitable for deep or shallow repairs

SKU: Speed-patch-pourable

Technical Information

Use on: Concrete
Colour: Grey
Binder: Cement/Acrylic
Coverage: 0.5m² per 25kg at 2.5cm depth
Recoatable: 1 hour foot traffic 2 hours forklift traffic (at 20°c)
Application: Trowel
Pack Size Options: 25kg

Product Options

Rust pour speed patch

Unit Cost: £79.95 Quantity:

rust pourable speed patch

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